Meta TownShip


A building is not something you finish, it is something you start
Once a player owns Land, they can construct a number of buildings on it. There are two general classes of buildings, based on how they affect your city. The first class of buildings is Passive buildings, as their sole presence in a city will affect its development and of its residents. The second class of buildings is Interactive buildings, as NPCs can use them for specific tasks.
Based on the specific building a player wants to build in their city, they will need resources and NPCs. The duration and quantity of resources it will take to finish construction will depend on the level.

Passive Buildings

  • Leisure areas increase the breeding rate of NPCs and Transportation
  • Hospitals increase the health regeneration of NPCs
  • Schools increase NPCs skill assimilation
  • Gyms increase productivity and the health of NPCs

Interactive Buildings

Farms can be built to grow food, which is used as consumables to restore the health of NPCs. In order for a City to farm, it only needs to allocate NPCs to their farms. For the sake of simplicity at this stage of the game, no commodities are needed to grow food. The yield at which farms produce food depends on the number of NPCs allocated to farming, and their cumulative Farm skill level.
Factories can be built to allow your NPCs to use commodities to build clothing and tools. Whenever a player wants to use the Craft Center, they need to have the right commodities in the right quantities for the item they want to craft and to allocate an NPC to the task. Based on the skill level of the NPC in Craft, crafting an item will take more or less time and resources.

Minting NFTs

Players can mint NFTs by building on empty land. If you wish to buy land which already has a Hospital or School on it, you can purchase it through the Township NFT exchange, and skip the construction process. Players who wish to build any given structure will simply have to use mined and farmed resources, process them through factories to create steel, rubber, plastic, etc.. and allow enough time for NPCs to build their desired structure. Construction comes at multiple costs:
  • The resources required for your constructions
  • The NPCs: NPCs specialized in construction can build 10x faster than regular NPCs. To specialize an NPC, he or she must go through School
  • Time: Depending on how many NPCs are allocated, and their levels of specialization, the construction process will take more or less time
Once a building has been completed, the once "empty land" lot is now paired with a new NFT. The previous NFT is not overwritten. The Land NFT and the Building NFT are independant from each other. Think of both NFTs as on top of each other, until a player decides to replace or upgrade a building. If a building is upgraded, due to the inherent nature of an NFT, the existing building NFT remains unchanged. The in-game software, however, recognizes its characteristics are altered.