Meta TownShip


A chance to find a home and build history

All cities start with Land.

NFT land parcels can be traded on the Land Repertory in exchange for $TOWNSHIP tokens. All the parcels are the same surface area but each one is allocated specific coordinates in the CityVerse. Each parcel of land has the same building capacity. While players can purchase adjacent parcels to expand their City, they can also play to improve their land.

Businesses created on Land

Fertility of the land

Weather conditions


For the first region rolled out, North Africa, Farming and crafting on a land parcel will improve the historical value of the land. This will impact the productivity of NPCs. This quality of the land will evolve as the universe does. For example, NPCs in the North American continent will favor the amount of income made from the land, and those in the Asian region will favor the number of people living on the land.

Obtaining Land

At this moment, there are exactly two ways of obtaining a Certificate of Land Ownership
  • Investing in one of the periodic private sales
  • Purchase from other players


There are a total of 50,000 parcels of land in the CityVerse, and a corresponding 50,000 Certificates of Land Ownership NFTs to be minted. After the Beta Version is live, there will be six rounds of sales. Half of the amount raised will go into progressive buybacks of the $TOWNSHIP token, and the other half will be used for development and marketing. Presale investors will have an exclusive opportunity able to purchase a BNB amount of Certificates equal to the BNB amount they purchased at the Presale. This exclusive private sale of Certificates will be at a significantly steep discount compared to the subsequent rounds of sales (50% discount compared to Round 2 and 75% discount compared to Round 6):