Meta TownShip

NPCs and their Specialization

Every new player starts with a group of 10 initial NPCs. Then, there are two ways for a player to increase their number of NPCs:
  • Exchanging POL tokens for NPCs with other players on the Stock Market
  • Breeding
Each City has a breeding rate that determines how fast the number of NPCs increases. The rate is a percentage per hour. For example, if a player has a breeding rate of 0.1% and there are 100 NPCs in their group, their number of NPCs will increase to 101 after 10 hours. The breeding rate is higher when there are more Leisure areas in the City.

NPC Skills

Different NPCs may specialize in different skills. The only way to improve a skill is through practice. Although one might be tempted to train all there NPCs at the same skill, specialization is one of the core values of Meta TownShip.
Looking back at History, the civilizations that stood out and outperformed others have done so by the virtue of specialization. This will certainly be true of the Metaverse.