Meta TownShip



Commodities are the easiest items to obtain in small quantities, and together with NPCs, are the two non-NFT raw resources in the game. At the launch of our game, the only commodities are iron and wood. They’re used for the construction of buildings and to craft items.


Consumables can either be gathered in the wilderness by any NPC from any faction or farmed by the NPCs from the faction that owns the City, or that has paid a right to farm. At the launch of our game, the only gatherable consumables are fruits. The only farmed consumables is corn and wheat. They are used to instantly heal NPCs and they each restore a different amount of health.

Factory Built Items

Factory-built items must be crafted at a factory. At the launch of our game, the only crafted items will be clothes and tools.

Selling NPCs

Players can list their NPCs in different subcategories, based on what they consider are their main strengths:
  • Builders - NPCs especially skilled in Construction
  • Black-smiths - NPCs especially skilled in Welding
  • Farmers - NPCs especially skilled in Farming
  • Miners - NPCs especially skilled in Mining
  • Lumberjacks - NPCs especially skilled in Wood Chopping
  • Businessmen - NPCs especially skilled in office Work
  • Medics - NPCs especially skilled in medical work
  • Researchers - NPCs especially skilled in improving the efficiency of the City activities
Note that the same NPC can be listed in different subcategories if their seller decides so. Buyers can filter per skill level within each subcategory when looking up NPCs to purchase.


Players can list their NPCs to be sent on temporary missions, using the same subcategories and inputting the same information they would in permanent sale of NPCs. Sellers also need to input a mission duration which sets a limit on how long the NPC will be allocated to a buyer.
As a potential buyer, a player can see all the information input by the seller, in addition to getting estimates for the duration that each of the lots of NPCs would need to accomplish specific missions.